About this website

I want this website to do two things. Firstly, I want to blog and occasionally share other blogs, written by friends and respected colleagues who also write on sustainability issues.

Secondly, I want a sort of depository for any information I come across relating to sustainability and the green economy. The idea being that this will help me as I progress through the course, but also create a knowledge bank that others might find useful.

As such, the website is split into two main parts. The Research and News section is made up of web pages dedicated to all the different topics relating to the Green Economy. I’ve structured it reflect the course structure as set out in the book written by the course leaders, which accompanies the course:

AN INTRODUCTION TO THE GREEN ECONOMY; Science, systems and sustainability, Adrian C. Newton nad Elena Cantarello, 2014

The book covers the basic principles and points to many good additional resources at the time of writing. But of course, this is a very topical and fast-moving subject and hence I want to expand on the content of the book using the latest research, news  and other content available. Time permitting, I also hope to use this material to pose questions and debate solutions.

This takes me to the second main part of the website, which is the blog. This includes articles written by me and others who wish to contribute.

Finally, I’ve added in a couple of other sections: Events (where I will store any info I come across that I think is relevant to the green economy) and a Green Guides section, in which I’ll post anything I come across that I think will help us as individuals to live more sustainable lives. Forgive me if the website has a leaning towards Manchester and the North West of England, but that is where I live! However, I do try to look at things at all levels; local, national and global. I hope this comes across as you explore the website.

So, what do we mean by a Green Economy?

The development of a green economy or an economy that is environmentally sustainable, has become a political and socio-economic imperative. Key drivers include the need to reduce carbon emissions to minimise the risk of climate change, overexploitation of resources and widespread environmental degradation, which is eroding the natural capital on which human well being depends.

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