The Green Economy in Practice

Gabon aims to cut yawning poverty gap by ending its dependency on oil [Ruth Maclean, The Guardian, 16 August 2016] – With a third of its citizens below the poverty line, the African country urgently needs to diversify and is banking on palm oil production to create rural jobs

Coming of age: The heroes and villains of the circular economy [Mike Townsend, Edie, 15 August 2016] – The circular economy is growing up; moving beyond simple radical resource efficiency, towards an authentic triple-bottom-line. As with any transition, not everything is great. Business model innovation is the battleground for success – and while there are heroes, there are also villains holding back the real transformation that is needed.

Mobile phone manufacturers urged to explore circular economy [Matt Mace, Edie, 1 August 2016] – Mobile phone manufacturers have been urged to implement a new business model that accounts for longer-lasting batteries and greater recyclability options as customers become disillusioned with the frequency of model upgrades.

Toyota tops list of greenest companies for clean energy revenue [Alex Baldwin, Edie, 1 August 2016] – Automotive giant Toyota has beaten Siemens, Schneider Electrics and Panasonic to the top spot of the first Carbon Clean 200 rankings, which lists the world’s largest publicly listed companies by revenue generated from clean energy products.

Large cruise ship voyage through Arctic ice rekindles rows [Terry Macalister, The Guardian, 13 August 2016] – Campaigners say Crystal Serenity trip puts at risk very environment tourists are travelling to see in Northwest Passage